about Hope Rising Children Home

Hope Rising Children Home (HRCH) Kaleswor, Lalitpur has been in existence since 2008. It is a non-profit, non-government and non-political but only social organisation who cares about future of needy, orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children from all around Nepal. This organisation was registered as “Shree Kaleswor Mahadev Orphaned, Handicapped, and conflict victim service Nepal” with the government of Nepal and social welfare society to carry our child welfare activities.

Name of the organisation has been changed to Hope Rising Children Home Kaleswor, Lalitpur Since 5th July, 2015 and is also duly affiliated to Social welfare council and registered in PAN. All the renewal, taxes and audit reports are up to date and the organisation is following guidelines of government’s Child Welfare society for securing child rights.


Since the establishment of this home we are taking care of food, shelter, health, education and clothing to disadvantaged, orphaned, disabled and needy children who have become victims of various social and political injustices widespread in Nepali society. Unfair social structures, traditional caste system, widespread illiteracy and the decade-long maoist insurgency and recent devastating earthquake; all have contributed to the poor physical and living conditions of Nepali children. Sadly, there are thousands of children in Nepal who are living in sub-standard conditions. Many of them are working as child labours in factories, loitering in streets and as domestic helpers in Nepalese households sacrificing their general health and education rights. Unlike in developed countries, Nepal's government is unable to give full protection to children all over Nepal because of its geographical, economic condition, lack of education, and political instability. On the other hand, social injustice and natural calamities like landslide, flood, earthquake etc have made hundreds of children homeless and orphan. Because of these unwanted causes innocent children start their lives begging in streets with hunger, working in factories and some of them become criminal.

Thus it is also our, NGO's, INGO's and stakeholders’ duty to take care of these children because these children are pillar of our nation’s bright future and for developed nation we need to provide them secure future with better education and health. Till now we have been supported by local individual sponsors, schools, clubs and businesses. But after recent devastating earthquake our sponsors are themselves victim and are unable to continue their support. Our only mission is to make these children ready for the future with confidence and skills in hand.

Problem and challenges:

As we recognise that the children occupies a very unique and privileged position in the Nepali society and for full harmonious development of their personality and psychological condition, the child should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, guidance and understanding. But it is very challenging for us because of recent devastating earthquake, flood and landslides, re-marriage of widowed/ divorced women, absence of love and security, unwanted pregnancy of sexually exploited girls, and many reasons like this outcomes in children being left without care and support and have mental distress. These children are then involved in rag picking in streets, pick pocketing and begging, and also participating in anti social activities.

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Nandarishi Acharya


Kashi Regmi

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Sumitra Kumari Adhikari


Surendra Rawal


Janak Phadera


Naresh Baral


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